What’s the best way to ​win work at Sizewell C?


In a nutshell

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Sizewell C will be a 3.2-gigawatt power station generating ​low-carbon electricity for around 6 million homes. It will be a ​close copy of Hinkley Point C which is already under ​construction in Somerset. These new power stations will play ​a key role in our energy future, supplying reliable, clean ​electricity for at least 60 years.

Achieving net zero requires an unprecedented build rate and ​means we need to deploy approved designs that are available ​today. Sizewell C will sustain jobs and skills in the nuclear ​industry until other projects are fully developed.

The construction and operation of Sizewell C will create ​thousands of jobs BUT ......

There will be strict requirements that your business will ​need to adhere to to be ready to offer your services.

This is where we come in .....


Who we are

VARTAN Consultancy is a risk management ​business boasting more than 15 years of ​experience in the industry, actively engaged in ​advancing the Sizewell C Supply Chain.

Headed up by MD and founder Miles Vartan, the ​team understands the need for businesses to ​grow and find new opportunities. With that ​comes the need for businesses to stay compliant.

The VARTAN Way is dedicated to advising ​forward-thinking leaders and helping them make ​sound business decisions that positively impact ​their organisation and the wider community by ​securing work at Sizewell C.


What we do

Health & Safety ​Consultancy

Guidance on how your business can ​co​nform to HSE rules.

ISO Consultancy

Solutions to get your business ISO ​accredited across all disciplines.

Environmental, Social & ​Governance plus Social ​Value​

Implementing frameworks to impact ​society, the local community and the ​environment, in addition to its processes, ​policies and disclosures to support this. ​We will relate this to delivering social ​value.

Su​pply Chain Consultancy

Mitigation of financial and operational ​risks.


Our Delivery ​Output

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Get in touch

Main Office

10 Victoria Street, Felixstowe, ​Suffolk

IP11 7ER

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Phone Number

01394 671756


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“Miles and his company, VARTAN Consultancy, are well-​known as the “go-to” organisation for anyone preparing ​for the new nuclear build at Sizewell C.

They have an in-depth knowledge of the project from ​their pioneering work on the local & regional supply ​chain database and know exactly who and where to go ​in steering us towards the best people and many ​opportunities generated by large, complex infrastructure ​projects like Sizewell.

Whether it’s compliance, health & safety, ESG or ISO ​certifications, Miles and his people will get you there!”

C Downie

Managing Director

Bacton Transport

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VARTAN Consultancy is an experienced, reliable and ​consistently excellent partner in compliance training in ​health and safety, ESG and ISO certification. Miles Vartan ​has in-depth intelligence about the real local networks ​that make up the business supply chain for big ​infrastructure in East Anglia. With his knowledge of the ​nuclear new build development at Sizewell C, he is an ​invaluable expert to have by your side on the journey to ​become part of the nuclear project team with all the ​rewards that it brings.

Nicky Robertson

Managing Director

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